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6% bodyfat

My Long Awaited Kinobody Shredded Manual is Here! 

I have put together the most effective system for getting lean and staying lean. This is the exact system I use to get to very low body fat and maintain with ease. There really is no way you can’t get shredded and stay shredded if you follow the system as laid out. As you will not suffer or deprive yourself. You will actually enjoy the whole process down to the extremely lean condition.

The Kinobody Shredded Manual is the result of my 2 year process trying to get as lean as absolutely possible while maintaing all of my strength and muscle mass. I have taken everything that works, discarded the rest and created the Kinobody Shredded Manual.

Getting Ripped Ain’t Easy 

I will be the first to say that getting ripped can be very difficult. It took me over 2 years of researching and implementing before I got to a condition I was satisfied with. That is right! I failed over and over again. Whenever I was struggling to lose fat or struggling to stick to a diet I researched, tweaked and evaluated. This continual process allowed me to create a systematic program that would allow me to get extremely lean, maintain strength and muscle and enjoy the whole process.

First Time I got Lean – Very low calories and cardio 

Leangains Macros

Here is a picture of me at 172 lbs and around 8-9% body-fat. I achieved this state with sheer will power and determination. I went on a very strict low calorie diet, trained my ass off and counted down the days until it would be over. To say I suffered would be a bit of an understatement. In addition my strength dropped like crazy as I went from repping 100 lbs dumbbells on incline press to struggling with 90′s. As soon as I gave into my cravings and couldn’t stay on the diet anymore I went on a full blown food binge. Nachos with cheese, cookies, pancakes…. You name it, I ate it. My weight skyrocketed back up and in 3-4 days I was up to 180 lbs. I felt disgusted with myself and tremendously guilty.

Things I did wrong?

I started in a terrible mindset. I wanted to get lean as fast as damn possible and as a result I cut calories too much, trained too long and often and I tried to see how long I could go before I would break and gorge on food. This was totally set up for failure.

Second Time Getting Lean – Low Carb Runs 

ultimate diet 2.0 results

In this picture I am around 172 lbs and 6-7% bodyfat. I achieved this state following a 4-5 day low carb diet alternated with a 1-2 day carb refeed. I was pretty happy with my results and I maintained most of my strength levels. Unfortunately this was probably the most unenjoyable experience of my life.

Going Low Carb sucks! 

Going under 100g of carbs for 4 or 5 days in a row is a damn miserable experience. I’ll be honest, I was a total waste of life to be around. I even freaked out on a few people for absolutely no reason and got no pleasure out of life. As well it took me forever to fall asleep at night.

The refeed days weren’t great either! Going from very low carbs to very high carbs left me sleepy and lethargic. I spent most of the refeed days glued to my couch watching tv and movies half asleep. This is not the way to live life! Oh and transitioning back to very low carbs was kind of a nightmare.

After I reached my goal I couldn’t find a middle ground that would allow me to stay lean. It was either gain fat or suffer. As a result I went right back up to where I started at 180 lbs.

Third Time Getting Lean – Leangains

8% bodyfat

In this picture I am 182 lbs and around 10% body-fat. I was using a system known as Leangains which involved fasting until 1pm everyday and eating 3 big satisfying meals in an 8 hour eating window. Three days per week I would eat high calories and high carbs. The other four days I would eat low cals and around 100g of carbs.

At first Leangains was working quite well. I was adding strength and muscle while getting leaner. Unfortunately progress came to a sudden halt at around 10% body-fat. I was unable to get any leaner and this was incredibly frustrating. I decided to cut calories further but I still couldn’t lose weight! I added in extra cardio and I still couldn’t lose weight.

I made it my goal to see if I could uncover what was preventing me from getting under 10% body-fat.

I realized the program was missing something. I needed to figure out a way to get even leaner without suffering. That is what inspired the Kinobody Shredded Manual! I made a few precisse changes that proved to be extraordinarily powerful

Kinobody Shredded Manual

This is a 21 page pdf manual that will teach you how to get extremely lean with ease! This program includes a weekly diet and workout program to follow in order to get ripped. I have also included a maintenance program to follow once you reach your desired level of leanness. The last thing I want you to do is to get blade trinity abs and go right back to where you started. I have also included 3 Kinobody Rules to 6 pack abs at the end of the program. Follow these rules and you will be able to enjoy life to the max while staying lean year round.

I started this program mid January after gaining some holiday fat and weight. In only 2 weeks I was able to drop from 12% bodyfat to 10% bodyfat.

187 lbs and 12% body fat

12% body fat what does it look like

10% body fat and 183 lbs

After 2 weeks I dropped 4 pounds of fat and maintained all of my strength! The best part was I wasn’t suffering and was enjoying the whole process. All of this was accomplished while eating maintenance level calories 3x per week.

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