Ryan Gosling Workout for Crazy Stupid Love

Ryan Gosling Workout for Crazy Stupid Love

Ryan Gosling Workout 

Ryan Gosling certainly did an exceptional job muscling up for his role in the upcoming movie, Crazy Stupid Love. This is probably the most muscular Ryan has ever been in his life. You see Ryan Gosling is naturally pretty skinny and that is evident in most of his early movies. In fact when Ryan Gosling was getting ready for the movie The Notebook he pretty much just ate a lot of food and worked out a bit. For most people if they were to follow that regiment they would end up looking pretty soft.

Here is what Ryan Gosling looks like naturally (remember the titans)

Ryan Gosling Workout for Crazy Stupid Love

As you can see Ryan Gosling used to be very skinny and probably had the metabolism of a race car. Many teenagers curse having a fast metabolism (also known as hardgainers) because they find it difficult to gain weight. If only they knew that the perfect physique was one that was lean and muscular. Not that of an Offensive Lineman or an offseason bodybuilder.

How Ryan Gosling went from Skinny to Buff

Ryan Gosling added solid muscle to the right areas. He packed on muscle to his chest perfectly especially his upper chest. This is what creates the line running from the bottom of his chest up to his collar bone. In addition his shoulders and arms look well built and proportionate.

Ryan Gosling Workout for Crazy Stupid Love

As well his legs look defined and not too big. A lot of guys looking to build muscle follow bodybuilding routines that emphasize large amount of volume towards the legs. They are told that the testosterone release from training legs will help add overall mass. What ends up happening is they add way too much size to their legs and it takes away from their upper-body. My guess is that Ryan Gosling stuck mostly to High Intensity Interval Training to tone his legs up and burn fat.

Putting it Together

1. Emphasize upper chest – Incline Dumbbell/Barbell Bench Press, Incline Flyes, Barbell Floor Press plus flat presses/flyes and dips to complete the chest

2. Stick to intense intervals for the legs – Sprints, Hill Sprints and 30 second to 1 minute intervals

3. Stick to Pull ups and rows to create the V taper

4. Build up the shoulders with a lot of volume and variety – seated dumbbell presses, lateral raises, front raises and rear delts

How many sets and reps did Ryan Perform Gosling Perform?  

For muscle building the best rep range is the 5-12 rep range. The lower end of the spectrum will help you build dense muscle. The higher end of the spectrum will add quick muscle size gains via sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. The key is to keep the total volume per exercise around 30 reps. So if you perform 5 reps then you must do 6 sets. If you are performing 8 reps then you must perform 4 sets.

Workout to build a body like Ryan Gosling 

Day 1 and Day 4- Chest, Back & Abs 

Incline Bench Press: 4 x 8 reps

Pull ups: 4 x 8 reps

Weighted Wide Grip Dips: 3 x 10

Cable Rows: 3 x 10

Hanging Leg Raises: 3 x max reps

Plank: 5 minutes total (as many sets as it takes)

Day 2 and Day 5 – Shoulders, Arms and Intervals 

Seated DB Shoulder Press: 4 x 8 reps

Lateral Raises: 3 x 10 reps

Bent Over Rear Delts: 3 x 10 reps

Standing Dumbbell Curls: 4 x 8 reps

Skull Crushers: 4 x 8 reps

HIIT – 30 second sprint on treadmill or bike / rest 90s seconds and repeat for a total of 16 minutes

Optional – 10-20 minutes of steady state cardio (if you need additional fat loss)

Days 3, 6 & 7 = rest days 

Ryan Gosling Height, Weight and Body Fat Percentage?

Ryan Gosling is 6’1 and around 180 lbs in Crazy Stupid Love. His body fat percentage is probably around 10-12% which is considered cut. He is still holding a little bit of fat around his lower stomach. This fat is covering up his last two abs. I personally think he would look even better if he cut 5 lbs of fat. This would take him from the ‘cut’ category into the ‘defined’ category. An example of someone who is in the defined category is Christian Bale in the movie American Psycho. After the ‘defined’ category comes the ‘ripped’ category. Very few people reach this state and one example of someone who is in this category is Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Gosling GQ Look

Ryan Gosling Workout for Crazy Stupid Love

Ryan Gosling successfully added muscle while still having the crisp GQ look. This is what guys should strive for at the gym. Not to look like a big puffy pumped up bodybuilder. The sleak GQ look is really what girls find most desirable. My friend Rusty Moore has the top muscle building program for building the lean and muscular physique that still has the GQ type look.

—-> Visual Impact Muscle Building (below is a video I made after completing all visual impact phases)

Check out more style and fashion tips inspired by Ryan Gosling from the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love on Kinowear.com

–> Ryan Gosling Fashion Tips

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  1. says

    Hello Greg,
    You got a great page here thank you for all those valuable information!
    I am 24 years old, 6’2 and weigh 213 pounds. I been to gym on and off and I dont have a very nice body! Should I start with the workout you recommend in that page or should I try something else? I am aiming to get a body like yours the one you posted on youtube! how my journey going to be? I read a lot about dieting and I know main thing should be to eat a clean healthy and less carbs diet!

    Can you please let me know which program I should get and for how long? and dieting too? I’d highly appreciate it, thanks a lot man.

    • Greg says

      Sounds like the first step will be to lean down! If you’re looking for an effective system to lean down with ease, i’d recommend my shredding program. http://www.kinobody.com/get-shredded/
      This program will help get you into the condition displayed in the youtube video. For a workout program to follow a long, you can do the workout from this article or visual impact.

  2. Mattias says

    Hello there. And respect!

    I’m sitting here in my kitchen and have read a lot about strength training this evening after I got off work. I might as well say that I am what you might call extremely inexperienced in terms of strength. It’s a shame, because I would love to start very soon.

    My body I would describe as slim but I have some belly fat that I want gone. It requires well just a lot of cardio? And so a healthy lifestyle I guess. Or do you have another fantastic advise to make it dissapear really quick?? ;-)

    When we reach the first of July, I have put together a training program that fits what you have mentioned in your article. Could you try to come up with an idea of ​​how long it would take to achieve a body like yours?

    I have purchased the following items as supplements to my training:

    1) 100% protein powder (called “whey” where I bought it)
    2) “Bodylab (” Bodylab “is the company I bought it from here in Denmark where I live) Weight Gainer” consists of a combination of both slow and fast acting carbohydrates and protein. The carbohydrates come from maltodextrin and sucrose. The protein source is 100% pure whey protein.
    3) ….And finally creatine powder. (I assume that you recommend it?)

    Hope you can make a quick assessment of my situation. Sorry if you do not fully understand what I write.

    Take care.

    (I would love to post your respond on my facebook-page. I am af celebrity here in Denmark with over 200.000 followers on my page)

    • Greg says

      Hey Mattias! What’s your facebook page, definitely want to check it out.

      Sounds to me like you have the typical skinny fat physique. This is actually relatively simple to fix, but it’s strength training that is going to be the most important. Fat loss comes mostly down to diet and strength training will help you maintain/build muscle mass so you actually burn more fat.

      I would save the weight gainer for when you drop the fat and get nice visible abs. For now you’re going to want to track your calorie intake and eat about 20% under maintenance with high protein. You can do cardio but 2-3 sessions of 30 minutes per week maximum.

  3. Jace says

    hey id love to get the RyGo look. hes a great dude all around!

    im 6’1 around 205 lbs. i have some moobs and a gut lol. i need to cut a lot of weight and fat first right? should i do a bunch of cardio first? im new to working out and diet plans.

    • Greg says

      You should be dieting and strength training. Dieting and eating at a calorie deficit will ramp up fat burning. To ensure you don’t burn muscle as fuel it’s important to do 3 strength training workouts per week. If you’re new to weights this will likely cause you to build muscle as you drop excess fat. So for example, let’s say you’re dropping 1.5 lbs per week. With strength training, it’s possible that you will be building 0.5 lbs of muscle and lose 2 lbs of fat. On the other hand, without strength training, it’s likely that you will lose 1.5 lbs per week but only 1 lbs is fat and the other 0.5 lbs is muscle.

      The difference between these two situations is absolutely massive. After 10 weeks, in the first scenario you will have 20 lbs less of body fat and 5 lbs more of muscle. In the other scenario, you will have 10 lbs less of fat and 5 lbs less of muscle. At the end of the day you’ll weigh the exact same but you’ll look 10x better with strength training and diet.

      • Jace says

        thanks for the quick reply man! im going to have to look some stuff up for some diet plans and stuff cause i have no idea!

  4. John says

    I’m 5’8″ and about 160 lbs. I trained for 3 months and dropped 20 lbs. total but I didn’t notice any muscle mass gains even though I was eating at least 150 grams of protein a day. I have no clue why my body doesn’t build muscle but drops weight easily. I was going to the gym for 45-60 minutes four days a week. Any advice on how to pack on muscle?

    • Greg says

      It’s hard to gain muscle when you’re losing so much weight. Eat at maintenance or at a slight surplus and focus on adding weight to the bar. The muscle will come on very nicely. Also, building muscle takes time. 0.5 lbs of muscle per week is fantastic.

  5. Giovanni says

    Hey I’ve just finished my first week of this workout, and because this is my first week working out in months I sorta had to find my weight for each workout. But so far so good. I was just wondering how often and by how much I should be making gains. Thanks a bunch!

    • Greg says

      Well each week you want to either get more reps or lift more weight. Push your body and do the best you can. When you’re ready, increase the weight on the next workout.

  6. Kristen says

    Hello Greg! I hope you’re doing well! I was wondering if you are supposed to lift to failure on this workout? I’ll will be switching to this workout in a few weeks to use as a “Phase 2″ to follow a similar workout to the Shrink Wrap Effect. Thank you for your help!

  7. Hasan says

    Hey Greg,

    I’m 21 years old, and very overweight (about 200 lbs) and not very muscular. I’m also 5’6.

    1) In order for me to lose fat, would you recommend your shredding program?
    2) I don’t want to lose muscle. I want to gain muscle, but this has been difficult for me in the past (stubborn muscle group for me have been the chest, specifically). Since Ryan Gosling’s natural physique is completely opposite of mine (he’s a hardgainer while I’m fat lol), would you still recommend the above workout in conjunction with your shredding program? Or should I wait and do this workout after the shredding program? Or would you suggest something entirely different? Sorry for being long-winded.

    Thanks for the help.

    • Greg says

      1) Yes, definitely. It will be out in a few days. The new one that is! It’s absolutely awesome.

      2) Follow the workout routine from the shredding program.

  8. Hasan says

    Hey Greg,

    I’m 21 years old, 5’6, and very overweight (at about 200 lbs). I’m not particularly muscular either (especially on my chest, which is a stubborn area for me). My questions are:

    1) How should I effectively and quickly lose fat? Would you recommend your shredding program?

    2) I also want to gain muscle. Should I lose the fat first, and then attempt to gain muscle? Or can I gain muscle and get stronger at the same time as losing the fat?

    3) In order for me to gain muscle, would the Ryan Gosling workout be optimal, or would you suggest something completely different for me? (I’m wondering because our natural physiques are diametrically opposite — he’s a tall hardgainer while I’m a short fat guy lol).

    Sorry for being long-winded. (Also my bad if this my 2nd comment, I’m not sure if the first comment I submitted went through). Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

  9. Matt says

    Hi Greg,

    Great workout and site! Been following this workout for about two weeks now, I’m five foot seven and weigh around 145ibs body fat hovering between 13-14% should I try and incorporate a little more cardio to burn off the last few stubborn fat or just reduce my calories and eat cleaner. I eat a lot of protein but still use full fat milk with my shakes post and pre workout!

    Any advice would be great cheers!

  10. Kristen says

    Hello Greg! I hope you had a great weekend. I just started doing this workout, and I was wondering if it would be over training to do the Blueprint Abs workout on the off days? Thank you! Hope you have a great day!

  11. Braulio says

    Hey Greg
    hello there, hi i bee losing weight with cardio and eating healthier I was at 199 now with 19% bd fat now after 3 months finally I’m at 178 (geeing) weight maybe muscle bd fat is 14.8% is hard I’m 25 years old and 5’11 tall I b looking for this workout for a while and I was doing super bad at the gym going for 6 days a week with 3 repetitions of 10 for the past 45 days and no mutch of a different I believe i don’t know where to hit now at this point of how often to work out? 3 days only but I feel with so much energy and strees me not be able to go back to the gym I wanna try you workout for ryan gosling and know a tip with my weight and talk and body fat % I can’t see my abs and I would love to thanks for all you information

  12. Ellie says

    1.Weighted Wide Grip Dips could i substitute them with?

    2 When i reach 8 reps on the first set, should i increase the weight next workout?

  13. Jeremy says

    What would you suggest ( as far as caloric intake goes ) for one of these hardgainers? I’m sort of like this ( nearly 18 now ) and i have a friend who most definitely is. I’m assuming the main thing you would change for these people is more calories ( and the right kinds, of course ), so wheres a good number to start? ( this is me assuming that the 15-16 times bodyweight isnt enough )

    • Greg says

      For someone who has a very hard time gaining weight, you’d want to start at 18 calories per pound and slowly ramp up. So if you are gaining half a pound per week then keep it as is. If you aren’t gaining weight then increase calories by about 250.

  14. Matt says

    So I once asked about the Daniel Craig workout, but me being 5’11, only 140 lbs and really do have the metabolism as fast as a race car, this seems promising since I still love cardio. My question to follow this though would be nutrition, I feel good with mine, but I’m just curious on what to really watch out for.
    Also due to my love of plyometrics and swimming I believe my shoulder are already pretty defined, just curious on how I may just make my arms look a little more proportionate. I am picking up your Greek God program this weekend as well so I’m excited to see what that holds.

    • Greg says

      Well really nutrition is predominately about the numbers. That means the amount of calories, proteins, fats and carbs that you’re taking in. As well, you should be getting plenty of nutritious foods like meats, veggies, fruits, potatoes/sweet potatoes, rice, beans, cheese, cottage cheeses… And you should fit in foods that you like, as long as you have the right calorie intake.

      I would focus on doing an arm specialization and hitting arms hard.

    • Greg says

      You could cycle through the four workouts training 3x per week. That can work well. Or you can just focus more on chest and back or shoulders and arms. Whatever needs more work, you’ll do that one twice per week and the other one once per week.

  15. Mark says


    Im a 6’2 Male weighing about 180lbs and I’d love to get myself up to this sort of physique, I am however just starting out and have a bit of stomach fat to loose. Should I just stick to mainly dieting to get rid of the excess fat? Also what sort of weight do you recommend to get myself up to a higher standard? I am pretty weak at the moment, barely able to lift my own body weight more than a few times!

    • Greg says

      Definitely follow some strength training while you diet. You’ll maintain more muscle and end up losing more fat.

  16. CR says

    Hey dude, great info and very reaIistic.. Finally someone speaks the truth.
    Your thoughts on a 30% deficit?
    I’m 6′ 215lbs, have consirebale muscle since I have been working out for a while. I fully understand my issue is diet, wich is 80% of the deal. I eat healthy, but just too much. I’m ready to attack this, I will focus on diet. But a 20% deficit I find will be too slow. Is it problematic in your opinion to shoot for 30%?
    I would love to get down to 180-185.

    Thanks man


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