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embrace your primary goal

Embrace Your Primary Goal for Unshakable Motivation & Enthusiasm

  Where Traditional Goal Setting Goes Wrong In the realm of fitness, we often set goals that involve looking a certain way or achieving a certain level of physical prowess. Perhaps you want to be 7% body fat, have 16" biceps or have the strength to bench press 300 lbs. Invariably, what happens, is that we associate achieving these goals with being happy and fulfilled. We tell ourselves, that finally, when we have those chiseled abs, then life will be really good and it will all be worth it. And so by implication, we perpetuate the notion that we are not enough right now. Instead, we need the enhanced self image from looking a certain … [Read More...]

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shrink wrap effect

How I Got Into My Most Shredded Condition Ever

  How I got into my leanest condition ever?  I remember it quite vividly, it was the summer of 2011 and I had just watched the cult classic film, American Psycho starring Christian Bale. Suffice to say, I was blown away by Bale's physical … [Read More...]

How Actors get Shredded

How Actors Get Shredded for Movie Roles

How Actors Lose Weight for Movie Roles  There's no secret that when actors need to get shredded for the movie screen they adopt low calorie diets. Why? Well because low calorie diets work, if you can just battle through them. In fact, one of … [Read More...]


Unlocking Your Strength Potential

  How to Unlock Your Strength Potential  1. Become as present as possible during your workouts.  To become present during your workouts means that you cut off any outcome dependency that you may have when you enter the gym. This means … [Read More...]

fat fasting

The Truth About Fat Fasting

As intermittent fasting explodes with popularity, more and more people are making the conversion from fasting to fat fasting. Fat fasting involves consuming pure fat during the fasting portion of the day. The most notable strategy is to add a few tablespoons … [Read More...]

Kellan Lutz Hercules Workout

The Muscle Pump of The Gods

In my last workout article, I talked about pump training vs. strength training and why the key to building a phenomenal physique is to focus on getting stronger on key movements. Let me just say, the importance of training for progressive strength gains cannot … [Read More...]